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Ep.6-Morrocan Chicken

Aired: Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bit into this Moroccan Chicken tagine; a savoury casserole of moist browned chicken, sautéed onions, enhanced with fruit, several fragrant Moroccan spices, crunchy almonds and a scrumptious smell that begs ‘Eat Me’!

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Julie's Blog for Moroccan Chicken

Embrace the spices! They mellow together to make a delectable dish! Read More...

Roberta's Blog on Moroccan Chicken

Jeff’s exotic, aromatic chicken tagine is not particularly spicy, and is thus relatively simple to match with wine . Read More...

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This robust, earthy beet salad glows with colour and has yummy flavour. Beet salad is typically served in Morocco for lunch

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