Jeff Suddaby

Jeff SuddabyToday's Food Host & Chef Expert
Several things stand out meeting Jeff Suddaby, the first is he likes to laugh, he enjoys people of all ages and he has a passion for good food. He likes creating dishes with flavour and eating food that puts a smile on his face and those around him.  He has fun sharing his food knowledge with others who share his passion for food. 

His entrepreneurialism is evident in his restaurant, 3 Guys And A Stove where exciting food is served seven days a week. Finding and supporting local Ontario grown food for the restaurant has been a quest that has yielded both quality and delicious results. Jeff becomes animated when someone asks him about the Ontario, fresh caught whitefish, local micro-greens or all natural, ice cream made with locally grown ingredients he’s found and serves.

Jeff’s latest and new adventure is an exciting TV cooking show called Today’s Food and website  Jeff answers questions like, “How do I prepare a good Béarnaise sauce, cook tender scallops, make lamb that melts in my mouth, keep noodles and pasta from sticking together and use some spices that will make my food more flavourful?”

People email and come into the restaurant wanting to know what a chef like Jeff can share to make their own cooking experience more enjoyable and Today’s Food does just that. Jeff is pumped about his new TV cooking show!

Of course, everyone has to have some down time and when Jeff slips out of the restaurant, he enjoys boating with his family, hockey with friends and the family’s new puppy.