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Onions are one of the oldest cultivated crops. Eating onions lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure, raw onion in your diet each day raises good HDL cholesterol in your blood.

Scallions can be harvested from any type of onion really, they are onions harvested before maturity and before strong flavour develops. Onions when harvested early, are more delicate in flavour and will not overpower other flavours while still providing ‘onioness’ to the dish. For scallions, grow onions from seed in soil amended with compost or well-rotted manure. Keep the bed well weeded and watered during the growing season, a thick layer of mulch will help ease labour.    Under-watering will provide very strong flavoured onions, not scallions. Fertilize about once a month by side dressing with compost or watering with fish emulsion or manure tea. If needed, thin out the rows to use in your cooking once the scallions are past seedling stage. For longer white stems, hill soil up around the plants as they grow. Successive sowings will provide fresh scallions all summer long.